Famous food in Himachal you should try

by Lovnish Thakur

Lush green mountains, fresh air, beautiful people and tasty cuisine make Himachal Pradesh a unique state. There are many unique dishes in the state; you should try when in the state. Let’s check some famous food in Himachal that you should definitely try.


This delicacy has its origin in Chamba. Soaked chickpeas or vegetables are used in the preparation of Madra. The chickpeas are cooked well in the oil and spices like cloves, coriander powder and cinnamon enhance the taste of madra which is considered among famous food in Himachal. You will find it mainly in Chamba and Kangra districts.


This is a collection of dishes and mainly includes dal, rajma, rice and curd. Boor di curry along with gur or jaggery adds much taste to the presentation. Special chefs known as botis prepare this dish. Dham is usually prepared during celebrations and you will find it mainly in lower districts (Mandi, Kangra, and Hamirpur) of the state.  

Tudkiya Bhath

This is another of the famous food in Himachal and is cooked by people in Chamba in their unique style. Local spices are used in the preparation of Tudkiya Bhath and lentils, potatoes and yogurt is also added to bring some unique taste to the preparation. It is also complemented with some mash daal and lime juice.


This unique preparation is ranked among famous food in Himachal and is made from wheat flour. It complements the main course with some other vegetable preparations. The preparation is unique as the wheat flour is kept for over five hours so that yeast can settle down.

The dough is then filled with fat and put on flame and this half-cooked dough is steamed. This keeps the ingredients and taste of Siddu intact. You will find this dish is every major restaurant and eatery of the state.


Kachoris find their unique variation in Himachal Pradesh. You will get these in the form of Babru which is a flat bread that is prepared by the stuffing of black gram paste. This gram paste is added to the kneaded dough. This preparation is best enjoyed when you try it with some tamarind chutney. You will find it mainly in the Shimla district of the state.

famous food in Himachal


If you ever venture into the tribal district of Lahul and Spiti, Aktori is the dish to try. This is prepared in variation of cake or a pancake which is made with buckwheat leaves. It is further cooked in the wheat flour. Though this is a dish with a tribal origin, you will find it in different areas of Himachal Pradesh now.

These are some of the famous food in Himachal which you should definitely try whenever you are in the state. You will definitely relish the taste and enjoy the feast.

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