Places to visit in Nako, Kinnaur that you must explore

by Lovnish Thakur

The early morning sun was already up and I felt a strong desire to experience its magical essence. I was in Nako, a small village which incidentally is among the last villages before we enter Spiti. A round of paranthas along with fresh mango pickle did rest of magic and I was ready to explore the places to visit in Nako.

Visit to Nako Lake

Among the places to visit in Nako, the lake is perhaps the most explored and I could not stop myself from mesmerizing in its eternal beauty. The thick cover of willow and poplar trees create a casket around the lake and make it look magical indeed.

This lake is located on the lower edges of Reo Purgyil. Many migratory birds come to the lake but I could not catch glimpse of any. I heard from the locals that in winter the lake freezes and they use it as an ice hockey field and young children from the village learn the basics of ice hockey.

It would not surprise me if I see some future Indian Ice Hockey players from this small sleepy village in Kinnaur.

Exploring the Nako Monastery

Another of the places to visit in Nako is the monastery. After admiring the pristine beauty of the lake, it was time to head downwards and check this monastery which was built in 1025 AD. The monastery also has many ancient Buddhist paintings and Murals which make it a treasure store indeed.

The four temples at the monastery are artistically designed and you will definitely admire the architectural richness of the place, once you are here. The serene calmness that prevails at the monastery often allures people to stay put here and I found it difficult to move out.

places to visit in Nako

Visiting the Nako Gompa

I did not know that a Gompa existed in the village and the monk at the monastery told me to visit the same. Finding the Gompa in this small village was not difficult and anyone would happily guide you to it, even accompanying you.

I found out that this Gompa has been around since the 11th century and that is truly amazing and you will find dance masks from different festivals adorning the walls of the Gompa, something that makes it truly alive. This is considered to be among one of the 100 Gompas established by Rinchen Zangpo and has much following in the region which I could sense from the devotion of the locals and the devotees who had come to pay their obedience to the Gods.

I did not sense but it was already evening by the time I completed a round of the villages exploring these three places. The stuffy paranthas had done their work and I could sustain the whole day on these only.

The village which seems small from the outer look has so much within to offer to any visitor and those who love to connect with nature would perhaps understand this. The desire to explore and experience Nako was fulfilled and it was now time to catch some sleep before I could catch up with my friend who was returning from Kaza so that we could be at Recong Peo by night.

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