Top 6 Street Food in Nainital You Should Definitely Try

by Lovnish Thakur

Travel involves a lot more than exploring new places. You should also try the local delicacies that any place offers. This is what I do, every time, I visit a new place. Food tells a lot about the culture and ethics of a place.

Street food in Nainital is something that you should definitely try. Let us check out some places which I found worthy trying for experiencing the Street food in Nainital last time around, I made a quick round of Nainital.


A popular restaurant on the Mall Road in Nainital offers Thai curries. However, the key takeaway here is the chocolate truffle and lava cake. I bet you will never have enough of these, once you try them.

Where to eat: Sakley, Mall Road, Nainital

Pastries taste unique at Sakley, Nainital

Bun Tikki

There is no substitute to the street food in Nainital and aaloo tikki stuffed in a bun tastes the best at a small, yet popular eatery. The spicy tea also adds a lot of fire to this combination and the experience would be simply awesome.

Where to eat: Laxmi Restaurant, Mall Road, Mallital, Nainital

Bun Tikki is a specility at Laxmi Restaurant, Nainital

Punjabi Food

If you are missing home and wish to savor some true Punjabi delicacies, Nainital would not disappoint you. Street food in Nainital also has a range of cuisines to offer to those who are looking for traditional Punjabi food.

Delicacies of paneer, butter daal, rotis, naan and Paranthas await those who have a liking for Punjabi food.

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Punjabi delicacies at Shere-Punjab in Nainital are the best

 Where to eat: Sher-e-Punjab, Mall Road, Tallital, Nainital

Laccha Paranthas

If you are missing Delhi, try some Laccha Paranthas that will remind you of the same, you had in Delhi last time. Not only the taste, but the name of the place where you eat the same will remind you of Delhi.

Do not miss another specialty this place offers, flavored milk with some dry fruits and saffron.

Where to eat: Chandni Chowk Restaurant, Mall Road, Mallital, Nainital

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Lacha parantha is a speciality at Chandani Chowk restaurant, Nainital

Baal Mithai

This is one of the most popular street food in Nainital and other regions of Uttarakhand too. It is a popular sweet delicacy in the entire Kumauni region.  The sugar balls look like silver pearls and this dark brown sweet is something truly irresistible.  You will not want chocolate in a long time, once you get a taste of this Baal Mithai.

Where to eat: Mamu’s Naini Shop, Bara Bazaar Road, Mallital, Nainital

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A round of Tibetan market is a must-do thing in Nainital, for you will get a range of unique Tibetan artifacts here. Do not forget to munch on the delicious momos here. The momos and Thupka can be found in both vegetarian and non-vegetarian variant here.

The surging crowd will definitely give you an idea of the popularity of this delicacy here and you will be left bewildered with the taste that these momos offer.

Where to eat: Sonam Fast Food, Bhutia Market, Nainital

Street food in Nainital
Photo courtesy: foodtoursandmore

Food is a speciality in the hills and you will definitely realize this in Nainital. Put your taste buds at some work and relish these delicacies when in this popular hill town in Uttarakhand. The experience you will carry back will truly be mesmerizing and mouth-watering too!

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