Walking in the Hills- A Mesmerizing and Refreshing Experience

by Lovnish Thakur

Silence has its sound and you will agree to the assumption if walking in the hills has been your passion. Walking in the hills not only refreshes your mind but creates a sense of positivity in you that nothing else can match.

Let us explore and experience the wilderness of hills!

Listen to the sound of silence

Walking in the hills enables you to listen to the sound of silence, something nature has bestowed in ample to our mountain and hill ranges. All you need is to tie up your laces and brace for a long walk. Any part of the day is a good time to hit the trail in the wilderness.

Sit under a tree or relax on the roadside, either way you will experience the magical essence of hills.

Taste the quaint flowing water

Walking in the hills often brings you across numerous water bodies that have been flowing relentlessly for ages. The flow and might of these rivers, Khud and bawries (small water channels) as these are called in hills must have changed overtimes. However, the respite they provide to anyone walking in the hills is simply beyond words. The shrillness of the water is evidently the same as it was ages ago and will continue to mesmerize for long enough.

walking in the hills

Indulge in small talks

Hills are unique for the fact that people are simple and welcoming. Be it the villages of Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, or the hill regions of North Eastern states, you will find people to be simple and honest.

Villagers will be ready to offer refuge to any traveller who decides to explore and experience village life from close quarters. Could you ever think of such hospitality in towns, leave away the metro cities.

The hill folks are welcoming and will mesmerize you with their tales of love, passion and life.

Experience the Wilderness firsthand

The experience of being in the wilderness is a feeling that you can easily carry along with you for a lifetime. The first sight of the rising sun or the first tea in the morning, everything seems so special and different in the mountains.

All you have to do is to pack your bags and head to the hills. Some quality time spent in solitude will definitely bring a positive change in your life and will help you understand and unveil the mystery of life.

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