Want a life- Travel to the Hills

by Lovnish Thakur

Travel to the hills is not a mere slogan. It’s life indeed. One does feel that life is in the fast lane in big cities. No doubt, most have adapted to this life and are enjoying every bit of it. I have many friends who point that they cannot live for long in hills as they feel caged.

Well, this can be an assumption but the pace of life is on a different track in the hills. So travel to the hills and get a taste of it.

Life is slow-paced

I would definitely agree with the assumption that life is indeed slow-paced in the hills. Every day feels like Sunday and even if you are rushing to the office, you will find the ambiance of the place, so slow-paced that you would start loving it.

Enjoying nature becomes Easy

You can enjoy nature to its core if you decide to come to the hills. Every bit of greenery, be it the trees, rivers or the majestic mountains will attract you towards it. You will become one with nature, as are most people in the hills. This is one of the reasons I find peace and serenity in people living in remote mountains.

You get fresh air to breathe

A puff of fresh air is enough to recharge a person for a day. Most people living in big cities will definitely agree with this fact and they feel it instantly when they reach the office in the morning after battling morning traffic. The cool breeze of the air conditioner offers a respite.

Now compare this scenario with life in remote hills. People here only have to open the office window to let in the fresh puff of air. The cool and serene ambiance of the place makes the atmosphere vibrant naturally only.

You seem to know everyone practically

How many known faces do you come across in big metro cities like Delhi and Mumbai? Each day is a struggle. Well, life is struggle in hills too but you have the solace of being in the company of known faces. It cannot be said for big tourist towns of Shimla and Mussorie thought but small towns and villages in the hills are full of people who have been with you for ages. Believe me, this makes life so more livable.

It’s not about money here

When you travel to the hills, you will realize that life is not about money. People boasting of owing big Audis will fall flat before a humble man driving a Maruti in the hills. This is the magic of life that hills offer to anyone who decides to stay put here, despite all the challenges of life in the hills.

Plan a trip to the hills and spend some quiet days in solitude in the hills. You will definitely find that change within you and will return back to your life, more energized and being happier too. That’s the magic of life in hills, travel to the hills and experience it!

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